Septic Installation

New Haven Septic Service Pros - Septic Installation

When we talk about an actual septic installation we are talking about taking care of the way that the entire system is going to function. We are not going to limit ourselves with installing a septic tank. That is a give of course because without the whole system it wouldn’t work. What we mean though is that even if you have a system in place we will go through each part to make sure it is fit to function properly. We want to get a chance to talk about a couple of the common mistakes that we see colleagues make that ultimately lead to a faulty septic system and how we make them better!

Choosing The Tank

Ironically this may not even be the most important part of the system. Proper lines and overall drainage could make up for a smaller tank in certain situations. With that said it is still a pivotal part of the entire system whether we like it or not. What we always tell people is that the size of the tank does matter. It is what is going to determine that capacity of the tank. What we recommend is that you buy a tank that may be a little larger than what you would normally need. So you don’t overwork the system.

System Design

When it comes to actually installing the system itself there are a couple of things that we are going to want to keep in mind. The key is going to be to place the tank and the drain field in such a way that we are getting gravity to do most of the work for us. That way you won’t have to worry about pumping the system every other month. Since each property is going to be different we need to create fully custom designs every single time out!

Septic Lines Layout

The last thing that we want is for your septic system to look like a cartoon. You know an overly large head and a very small body. This seems like a joke, but it happens a lot to people who hire amateur handymen to work on these projects. You have to choose and repair septic lines that are going to be able to handle the flow that you are expecting. While it is true that the whole idea behind having a large tank is so that the wastes can be decomposed down to a minimum excessive use can also take a toll on the lines. We have to make sure that they can handle it!

Digging In

We are always going to recommend that you install a septic system before you put in the grass or other plants. When we go in and install the entire system we are going to have to dig into the ground and make large trenches that would ruin any lawn that was previously in place. One of the main benefits that we bring to the table though is that we know how to patch those trenches up correctly. So that you can grow a nice lawn over the septic system!