Leach Field Installation

New Haven Septic Service Pros - Leach Field Installation

There are actually some septic systems that notably work without a proper leach field in place. That is usually not ideal. For the most part, the systems that we design and that we work on are going to have a formal leach field set up. The purpose of the leach field is to be the place where the tank can transfer the wastes after they have been decomposed in the tank itself. This allows the tank to operate at a higher capacity and it could eventually expand the overall life span of the system itself. That being said leach fields need to be installed properly to be able to work.

Picking Your Spots

Setting up the layout for the entire system is going to be as important as the tank and the quality of materials that we use for the septic drain lines and things like that. First of all, you want to be able to pick a spot that is at least a couple of yards away from your house or any building for that matter. The terrain where we place the leach field is going to tend to become a bit swampy even. So you really don’t want any type of building to sit on top of that.

Gravity Will Help You Not Use A Pump

The best thing that you can do is set up the leach field in an area that is downhill from where your septic tank is located. It does not have to be a hugely steep difference from one location to the next. It just has to be enough so that the wastes will literally be traveling downhill. You can always have a back up electric pump that can help you with this process. Having this can actually make pumping the entire system a lot easier.

Setting Up A Wide Enough Area

You can’t just pick like a small spot to serve as your leach field. What we are usually going to want to do is set up a leach field that is large enough to the point where we can cut it into two at the very least. We do this so that we don’t keep pilling up wastes in one area all of the time. If you have a large enough leach field you will be able to do what is called resting the field. Which is going to literally mean that you are pushing wastes the other way while you allow a part of the field to rest. This will help the field not become a total swampland over the years.

Where Can I Legally Put It?

Another issue with leach fields is that you want to make sure that they are going to be located in a spot where you are not stepping on any toes. Extending your leach field outside of your property can be a way to bring up legal issues that you don't want to deal with. We want to make sure that we can guarantee your leach field is safe for both you and your neighbors.